Parishes of Upper Tweed
4 congregations working as one
Parishes of Upper Tweeddale Gallery
Kirk Matters Cover Easter 2017
Easter in Skirling Kirk
Tweedsmuir Kirk in Autumn
Christmas in Skirling Kirk
Skirling Kirk
Broughton Kirk
Gravestone in North Aisle Chapel
Holiday club
Bluebells in Manse garden
Easter at Glenholm
Joint Kirk Session March 2017
Sunday Service at Tweedsmuir
Christain Aid Carboot Sale
Service in Tweedsmiur Kirk
Breakfast at Glenholm - Easter 2018
Skirling Graveyard Angel
Stobo Kirk
Kirk Matters Cover Autumn 2017
Word of Life (Stobo Kirk)
Broughton Kirk
Skirling Memorial
Coffee at Tweedsmuir - Easter 2018
Tony and Yvonne Foley with Monty
Easter Service at Skirling 2018
Lord Carmichael of Skirling plot
Stobo Kirk
Glenholm Service - Easter 2018
Concert in Stobo Kirk
Christmas Eve Service
Kirk Matters Cover Christmas 2017
Tweedsmuir Kirk
Upper Tweeeddale
Harvest Supper
Crook Inn
Tweedsmuir Big Brekkie
Skirling Kirk
Christian Aid carboot sale in Skirling
Guild stall at Broughton craft fair
Broughton Manse - Front View
Broughton Manse
View Above Broughton
Newyear Joint Service Prayer Tree
The Worship Workshop (Word of Life)
Skirling Kirk
Drumelzier Kirk
Minister's retirement cake
Kirk Matters Cover Easter 2018
Broughton Kirk from Dreva Road
Glenholm Cemetary
rolling Easter eggs at Tweedsmuir
Easter Egg Hunt - The hidden egg
Skirling Village
Stobo Kirk
Minister's walk participants
Easter Egg Hunt
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Family Service & Supper - Broughton Hall
Sunday  29 April 2018