Parishes of Upper Tweed
4 congregations working as one
Stobo Kirk and Drumelzier Kirk

Stobo Kirk is a Registered Scottish Charty SCO 01866

The parishes of Stobo and Drumelzier were united in 1951 and include some of the most beautiful stretches of the Tweed Valley.    Stobo Castle Health Spa and  Dawyck Botanic Garden are both within the Parish and are the major employers here.

Stobo Kirk

As parts of the present Stobo Kirk date from the 12th century, it is one of the oldest churches in Scotland still in regular use.  It is thought that an earlier building on the site  may  have  been  started  by  St Kentigern  in  the 6th  century.  Over 100,000 has been spent in the last  15 years on maintenance and improvements.

Drumelzier Kirk dates from the early 16th century  but  again  there  was  an  earlier building on the site.   There has been no major expenditure in the last 15 years and none is foreseen.   Regular worship is not conducted in Drumelzier but occasional services are held including a candlelit service at Christmas.

For more information contact our Session Clerk:    Jane Gillham   Tel: 01721 720910
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