News from the Parishes of Upper Tweeddale
Notices 18th November
 The worship workshop is meeting in Glenholm Cottage this evening at 7:30pm.  Everyone interested is always welcome to join us as we plan the worship within the parishes.
Big Picture Sunday is taking place next  Sunday 26th November at 1pm Lunch in Drumelzier Hall followed by an exploration of what Pastoral Care looks like in a rural parish led by Rev Tony Foley. We hope you can come, please fill in the form  and hand it into your session clerk after the service.
The Kirk Sessions of all the churches will meet  individually on Sunday 26th November  in Drumelzier Village hall at 4:30pm (after the Big Picture Sunday).
Vacancy Update. We are now able to resume the vacancy process and this means that various edicts have to be read in church over the next few weeks.  Looking forward to the election of the nominating committee, it is hoped that this will take place on  Sunday 21st January. As our interim moderator , Rev Calum Macdougall, has to preside over each of the congregational meetings and ideally all congregations should vote  on the same day, we have devised a ‘ministers dash’ around the churches on that day.  Tweedsmuir and Skirling will vote before the service and Broughton and Stobo at the close. More details will follow in the New Year but please put the date in your diary and keep the vacancy procedure in your prayers.
This year during advent we are having a series of discussions based on the book ‘Walking backwards to Christmas’. Starting on Monday  27th November  at 7:30pm in Skirling Village Hall, there will be 4 sessions.  Books are available in all the churches so get your copy and come and join in the fun.
The Guild had the pleasure this week  of having a talk from Peter Cuthbertson, the Donor  Partnership Officer from Crossreach . One of the ways that they receive donations is through used stamp collections, this was something we thought that we could resurrect within Upper Tweeddale, If you’d like to contribute, please bring your used stamps to any of the churches  or any Guild meeting for onward delivery. Each stamp needs to have a small border round it and any stamps will be accepted, the more exotic the better. They are also happy to accept old stamp collections which they can auction.
This week is Guild Week and we ask that you remember the work of the Guild in your prayers. For more information about Guild activities please visit their website
Services next Sunday 
Broughton and Skirling   Rev Tony Foley
Tweedsmuir and Stobo    Mrs Isobel Hunter

This is intimation that a meeting of the Kirk Session of this congregation is to be held at Drumelzier Village Hall on Sunday 26th November 2017  at 4:30pm.  
In recognition of the diversity of views within the Church about the historic and current doctrine and practice of the Church in relation to human sexuality and in the interests of the peace and unity of the Church, departure from the practice of the Church in relation to human sexuality is permitted in certain circumstances.
The purpose of the Kirk Session meeting just intimated will be for the Kirk Session to decide whether to depart from the Church’s practice in relation to human sexuality in order for applications for the current vacancy to be considered from, amongst others, individuals who are in a civil partnership or a same sex marriage.
In terms of the process for a decision to depart contained in the Ministers and Deacons in Civil Partnerships and Same Sex Marriages Act (Act I 2015), this will be a second meeting of the Kirk Session on this matter.  The vote at the second meeting will decide whether or not the decision is made to depart.
Any vote on this matter must achieve a majority of those present and entitled to vote in order to take effect.
Rev Calum Macdougall Interim Moderator

Notice is hereby given that since more than six months have elapsed since the Electoral Register of this congregation was finally made up, it is now proposed that it should be revised. 
If you believe that your name ought to be on the Register, you can ask for confirmation immediately after this or from the Session Clerk.
If you find that your name does not appear, it can be added in the following circumstances:
If your name has been added to the full Communion Roll since the Register was drawn up, then your name will automatically be placed upon the Electoral Register on its revision.  You will need to take no further action.
If you are a regular worshipper here, but are still a member of another congregation, then you should arrange to hand in to the Session Clerk a valid Certificate of Transference before the Kirk Session meets
If you a regular worshipper here, and not a member of this or any other congregation, then the Kirk Session can add your name to the Electoral Register as an “adherent”. If you wish the Kirk Session to consider this, you should obtain a form from the Session Clerk, complete it and return it to [him or her] before the Kirk Session meets.
The Kirk Session will meet in Drumelzier Village hall on Sunday the 26th day of November 2017 at 4:30pm to revise the Electoral Register
Calum Macdougall  Interim Moderator

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