For   Sunday  18th June 2017

Tweedsmuir & Stobo

  Rev John Smith

Call to worship
Hymn 124  Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

Prayer of Approach

 Psalm 23 
 Matthew 6:25-34  

Hymn 598 Come, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire



Prayer of Dedication & Intercession

Hymn 662  Jesus thou joy of loving hearts

  Sacrament of Holy Communion

 Hymn 182  Now thank we all our God


Broughton and Skirling

Mr John Burnett

  Welcome and Call to Worship

Hymn  202 Stand up and Bless the Lord

Prayer of Approach

Fatherís Day

Hymn  189 Be still, for the presence of the Lord

Isaiah 1 : 1-16
  Mathew 12 : 17 Ė 21

Prayer of Thanksgiving and for Others

Hymn  710  I have a dream


Offering and Dedication

Hymn  448 Shine Jesus, Shine







  Gracious God
We pray for those caught up in the fire at Grenfell Tower,
for casualties, for the wounded,
for the missing and the traumatised.
We pray for the emergency services
and for those who are responsible for co-ordinating
the response to this major incident.
In despair bring hope
In injury bring healing
In fear bring comfort.
In our helplessness be our strength.
In your mercy hear our prayers.
In Christís name.

                                         Michaela Youngson and Nigel Cowgill
                 Chairs of the London District of the Methodist Church






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