Parishes of Upper Tweed
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Broughton Primary School
 Broughton Primary School

We are fortunate in Broughton in having a Primary School whose motto seems to be along the lines of “learning through fun”! The children – all 80 or so – are a happy bunch who achieve much, both with academic subjects and with interpersonal skills. Much is due the enthusiastic staff who are led by an equally enthusiastic Head teacher.

And let’s not forget the pre-school children! They have their own group – they delight in the name “Bananas” - within the Primary School and are led by enthusiastic and cheerful staff. Thus the transition from pre-School to Primary School is virtually seamless.

The school handbook states:
Broughton is a non-denominational school that has strong links with the churches of Upper Tweeddale. The Minister takes services in church at Christmas, Easter and summer.  Assemblies are held each week and the focus of these is to celebrate success. 

The vision is to provide a safe, secure and happy environment from within which a challenging curriculum can be taught by friendly supportive staff, to create an atmosphere of openness and equality which allows pupils to fulfil their potential.

The vision is embodied in our school’s aims to:
      • Educate and challenge all pupils to achieve the Scottish Curriculum.
      • Play a positive and central role in the activities of the local community whilst being
        considerate to  the needs of all.
      • Create a fun, friendly and inclusive environment in which pupils, teachers and parents
        can  communicate and interact.
      • Afford children the opportunity to develop confidence, a healthy lifestyle and the relevant
        skills to  fulfil their potential.

After Primary 7 children generally go to Peebles High School in Peebles.