Parishes of Upper Tweed
3 congregations working as one
Our Finances
 Our finances

With the union of the parishes of Upper Tweeddale there is a single treasurer managing combined funds for all three churches. Before union the three churches had individual charity numbers.

The division of payments to the Church Central office has recently been determined by the new linkage. Over the whole 40 year history of the previous linkage, it's only been necessary to adjust the percentages once due to changing congregation strengths.

All funds collected from the 3 congregations are paid into the common  account   and this goes towards paying for expenses such as pulpit supply, manse expenses and presbytery dues.

Audited accounts for the union are presented at the relevant annual stated meetings, with the audited accounts for the  joint funds being presented to the union's Joint Kirk Session for approval at our January meeting. A summary for the last three years is available for inspection. Please email to if you would like a copy.

You can also view our OSCR (Scottish Charities Register) pages online and these show the last five years worth of income and expenditure. There are four pages, one for each church (for historical data) and one for the Parishes of Upper Tweed as a whole: