Our finances

All 4  congregations have their own  treasurer. There is also a separate treasurer for the funds held jointly. Normal offerings in each church  are collected by the individual treasurers but special occasion offerings for appeals etc are paid into the joint account. All 5 accounts have individual charity numbers.

The division of payments to the Church Central office  by each individual congregation  for such things as stipend and  ministers travel  are paid on a 40%, 30%, 20% and 10% basis which has been agreed based on the  relative strengths and membership of each congregation. Over the whole 40 year history of the linkage, it's only been necessary to adjust the percentages once due to changing congregation strengths.

All 4 congregations pay an  amount  into the joint account on the same percentage basis as above  and this goes towards paying for expenses such as pulpit supply, manse expenses and presbytery dues.

Audited accounts for each church are presented at the relevant annual stated meetings, with the audited accounts for the  joint funds being presented to the Joint Kirk Session for approval at our January meeting. A summary for the last three years is available for inspection. Please email to info@uppertweeddale.org.uk if you wish a copy.
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