Parishes of Upper Tweed
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Tony and Yvonne Foley moved to The Old Joiner’s Croft, Skirling from Penicuik in May 2016.  They saw the For Sale sign while passing and fell in love with the stunning location. While walking their playful Cockapoo, Monty (soon to be joined by his younger sister Millie) they have made many friends in the local community. 

Tony is very well travelled, born in Ireland, the son of a train driver and oldest of 7 boys. Yvonne was born in Scotland, met Tony while studying Theology in Surrey and their 2 children, Jessica and Luke, were born in England. 

Tony and Yvonne were called to work with Chinese and set off as church planting missionaries’ to Taiwan.  Tony and family moved to the very densely populated areas of Taipei and Taichung, learnt the languages of the local people, Hakka and also Mandarin and set up the Philippine Migrant Workers Church, sat on the editorial board of TMQ (Taiwan Missionaries Quarterly) and was chair of the TMF (Taiwan Missionary Fellowship). Jessica and family (grandson Sebastian) now live in Indiana, USA and Luke in London.

To fund college, Tony has worked night shift in a car factory, as a bricklayer, a barman, salesman and has pastored churches in London, Cornwall, Hamilton, Edinburgh and Taiwan.  He is due to complete his PhD, Doctoral studies in Theology this September at the University of Aberdeen.

Dr Yvonne Foley is head of institute of Moray House Edinburgh and co-chair of CERES Scotland.  Both say the scenery means the commute to Edinburgh is a joy – or at least until Penicuik.

 In his spare time, Tony follows Liverpool Football Club, enjoys the fast pace of Rugby 7’s, likes watching the best players in International Rugby and support his home team - Ireland!  He goes to the Theatre, reads detective fi ction and is being encouraged to try Bridge.  Yvonne does cross stich and hillwalking and is involved in Skirling facebook page.


Almost exactly 8 years ago  Bob, became our parish minister. Since then he has provided thought provoking worship in our kirk on Sundays, and has conducted christenings and weddings, and sadly far too many funerals for local folk, all with great care and concern for the families involved.
We wish Bob  and Sheila  health and happiness in their  retirement  in Comrie close to their daughter and beloved grand-children.  Thank you for  all you have done in the community. Thank you for your friendship, ministry and counsel over the years.  You will be  remembered fondly  and we hope you’ll find time to come and visit us in the future.
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