Parishes of Upper Tweed
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Normally services are held every Sunday in -

Broughton Kirk at 10am - Tweedsmuir Kirk at 10am
Skirling Kirk at 11.30am - Stobo Kirk at 11.30am

While we are waiting for that normality to return the Worship Workshop are producing a series of online services that can be watched here.
25/10/2020 - Harvest Thanksgiving Service at Stobo Kirk

On 25th October at 11:30 Stobo Kirk will be hosting a harvest thanksgiving service.

This will include the participation of Neil Cummings, Member Support Manager of the Horticultural Trades Association.who is the newly appointed Eco-Congregation coordinator for Peebles Old & Eddleston, and who has started a "health and healing plants" project in those congregations.
Here is his description of the project:

"As Eco Congregation Co-Ordinator for Peebles and Eddleston Parishes I do believe that we can work together to make a difference on a local scale and together with other Eco-Congregations make a difference nationally. I thought it would be lovely to have symbols that represent health and healing for both ourselves and also the planet. I also thought of something that could be passed throughout our congregation as a token of hope and fellowship.

As someone who enjoys House Plants and particularly propagating more for free I have decided that Aloe Vera would be a wonderful plant to represent Healing whilst Chlorophytum ( Spider Plant ) symbolises Health as it has amazing powers to take toxins out of the home atmosphere whilst producing lots of healthy oxygen. I am looking for volunteers who would be happy to take one of these plants and then pass on the 'babies' to other members of the congregation. In this small way before too long we will all have an Aloe Vera or Spider Plant to represent our efforts to have a passionate and active Eco-Congregation.

Both plants are so easy to grow and I will write up some simple care instructions to go with each one. If you would like to volunteer to grow on one of these plants please drop me an email to"

Coming Soon...
Harvest Thanksgiving Service at Stobo Kirk
Sunday  25 October 2020