Parishes of Upper Tweed
4 congregations working as one
sunday service 28th june
Order of Service
1 Introduction and Opening Prayers (Jane Gillham)
2 Music I Waited Patiently for God (Choir of Lansdowne Parish Church, Glasgow)
3 Reading: Genesis ch.22 v.1-14 (Janet MacDougall)
4 Reflection (Rev. Calum MacDougall)
5 Music I Bow My Head In Prayer (played and sung by Anne Dawson)
6 Closing Prayers (Peter Worthington)
7 Music Be Still and Know That I Am God (Choir of Old High St Stephens, Inverness)
8 Blessing (Peter Worthington)
9 Music: I Waited Patiently for God (Instrumental)
Welcome to our service for Sunday 28th June. Today's service is led by Rev Calum MacDougall.

The reading is from Genesis, Chapter 22, v. 1-14

We would like to involve the community as much as possible in these services so if you have any suggestions or feedback, or would like to participate in or offer pictures for future services please e-mail

All previous online services can be viewed through our Weekly Services page.
Music in the Sunday Service (28th June)
The full version of the last of the pieces of music included in the Sunday Service for the 28th June are available through YouTube. You can click on its title to listen to it on YouTube.
Two of the other three (1 and 3) are available through the CH4 section of the Church of Scotland's Resourcing Mission web site. Again you can click on the titles to listen to these pieces.
You can also buy the fourth piece through Amazon and Apple iTunes.
    by Choir of Lansdowne Parish Church, Glasgow, Gordon Munro (Conductor), Stuart Muir (Piano)
2. I Bow My Head In Prayer
    played and sung by Anne Dawson
    by Choir of Old High St Stephen's, Inverness, Pam McCulloch (Conductor), Robin Versteeg (Organ)
    by Samewill Worship
    from the album I Waited Patiently for the Lord

Donate to the Church
While church buildings are closed, the work of our churches continues. Services continue online, pastoral care and support is still provided and buildings and facilities still need to be serviced and maintained.
The Church of Scotland has set up a web page which allows you to contribute specifically to the local funds required for this work. If you would like to help out please go to the Donate to the Church page, click on Donate to a Congregation, type in the name of the congregation and proceed from there.
Thank you.

Introducing Our Locum - Rev. Pamela Strachan
At the beginning of May Rev. Pamela Strachan became our locum Minister taking over from Rev. John Smith.
In the last month you may have seen Pamela several times in our online services. Living at Glenhighton, she is a member of our community and was a member of our Worship Workshop prior to qualifying as an Ordained Local Minister.
By way of an introduction and to help us to learn a little more about our locum Minister, especially while we are unable to meet and chat with her in person, here is a short interview conducted by her husband Sir Hew Strachan.

Carlops, Newlands and Kirkurd, and West Linton Church Newsletters
The current presbytery plan proposes that three churches in Upper Tweeddale (Skirling, Broughton and Tweedsmuir), will be linked in the fullness of time with the three churches in the West Linton group (West Linton, Carlops, and Newlands and Kirkurd).

There are still a few hurdles to be cleared before that comes into effect. However in anticipation of new relationships with our neighbours, and to help to find out more about the three churches in the West Linton area we have been publishing the latest editions of the Carlops Church newsletter, the Newlands and Kirkurd newsletter and the West Linton newsletter here and churches in the West Linton area will make our own Kirk Matters available to their community.
Life and Work May 2020
Life and Work May 2020
During this challenging period, Life and Work (the Church of Scotland magazine) is committed to helping keep our Christian community connected. The magazine is printing as normal, but, aware that many subscribers will have their deliveries delayed, especially if they normally receive it through their church, they have given us permission to publish an online version through our web site.
Click here to view the May 2020 edition..

  Broughton Kirk at 10am
Tweedsmuir Kirk at 10am
Skirling Kirk at 11.30am
Stobo Kirk at 11.30am
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