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Sunday Service - 16th January
Welcome to our service for Sunday 16th January. Today's service is led by Rev. Tony Foley and was recorded in Skirling Church on 9th January.
All previous services are still available through  the Weekly Services page.
We would like to involve the community as much as possible in these services so if you have any suggestions or feedback, or would like to participate in or offer pictures for future services please e-mail
Music in the Sunday Service (16th January)
The full versions of all pieces of the music included in the Sunday Service for the 16th January are available through YouTube. They are listed here. Click on the titles to listen to them on YouTube.
You can also buy versions of pieces 1 and 2 on Apple iTunes.
    by Bernadette Farrell
    from the album Christ Be Our Light
    by Robin Mark
    from the album Living the Adventure - Mandate 2007
    from the YouTube channel: OpenmyeyesLord333

New Kirk Matters Published
Kirk Matters Christmas 2021
The Christmas 2021 edition of the Church Magazine, Kirk Matters, is landing on doorsteps and in letter boxes around Upper Tweeddale right now.
If you haven't seen a copy then it is also published here for you to enjoy and it contains full details of the Christmas programme of events around our parishes.
For news from our linked churches in the northern half of West Tweeddale you can find their newsletters published monthly on the Carlops newsletter page on the Carlops Church web site, the Newlands and Kirkurd news page on the Newlands and Kirkurd web site, or the West Linton news page on the St. Andrews West Linton Church web site.

Induction of Rev. Tony Foley

On Monday 25th October Rev. Tony Foley was inducted as the new Minister of West Tweeddale into the Presbytery of Melrose and Peebles. Here is a film of the whole service led by Rev. Victoria Linford (Moderator of the Presbytery) and the presentations that followed.

Lectures from the Near East School of Theology in Beirut
On Tuesday 31st August and Thursday 2nd September Professor Peter Ford from the Near-East School of Theology Beirut gave two excellent Zoom lectures looking at Christian Muslim relations for participants largely from the Presbytery of Melrose and Peebles. Both lectures were followed by Q & A sessions and they were recorded so that you can watch them here.The reading list that Peter refers to in his lectures can be accessed by clicking on More... below.
1. Do we worship the same God? Yes! . . . and No . . ..
The text of the chat (Q&A) was also recorded and you can view it by clicking here. The document that Peter shared during his lecture can be viewed here.
2. Are the barriers between us too high? No . . . but it takes some work . . ..
The text of the chat (Q&A) was also recorded and you can view it by clicking here. The document that Peter shared during his lecture can be viewed here.
These lectures have been supported by a donation of 300 from Melrose and Peebles Presbytery, towards the cost of running the generators at NEST for the lectures. If you would like to make a donation of support towards developing the partnership between Melrose and Peebles Presbytery and NEST please visit the NEST Partnership Just Giving page.

Joint Communion Service at Old Newlands Church
On 22nd August we held a Communion Service in the graveyard area of Newlands Old Church. This was the first ever joint service of the new linking of West Tweeddale and involved the ministers from both original groups of parishes.
If you were unable to attend then you can view the service here and get a flavour of the joyous occasion that it was.

  Broughton Kirk at 11.00am
Tweedsmuir Kirk at 9.30am
Skirling Kirk at 11.30am

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