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A Lifetime of Service

Miss Betty Eastland

As of the end of September Betty and Jessie Eastland are retiring as active elders in Skirling Kirk. They have however assured us that they still intend to be involved in the life of the Kirk and are keen to stay in touch with what is going on in the Parishes. The congregation in Skirling would expect and accept nothing less. Here are some of their recollections of their long involvement with Skirling and its church.

The sisters were both born in the village and attended Sunday school along with all the rest of the children, even those whose parents were not in church. Then when they were older it was Bible Class in the Church or in the Manse. Bible Class involved homework on that week’s text in a pink exercise book marked up each week by the Minister. Then they joined the church in their mid-teens again along with majority of the local children; they remember twelve teenagers joining one Sunday. Betty has seen ten ministers come and go in Skirling, initially Skirling Ministers, then linked with Broughton then in the 1970’s, as we are today, linked with Broughton, Stobo and Drumelzier and Tweedsmuir. Nine of those Ministers went into retirement from the charge.

Harvest Supper

John at the Harvest Supper
The Harvest Supper held on 29th September was a huge success. Musical entertainment was provided by John (accordion) and Rebecca (violin) from Biggar, playing together for the first time, and by Strumash, the excellent ukulele band from Peebles.
Janet Hunter Comes 2nd in National Guild Convenor Challenge
Janet Hunter comes 2nd in guild convenor's challenge
On 1st September Janet Hunter was in Dundee to attend the Guild Annual Gathering where it was announced that her embroidered cushion came second in this year's national Guild Convenor's Challenge. The challenge was to embroider a cushion.on the theme of "One Journey Many Roads", that being the Guild's theme for the next three years.
Church notices for Sunday 18th November 2018
This afternoon (18th November) you are invited to a congregational lunch followed by a talk by Sir Hew Strachan on the 1st World War  in Drumelzier Village Hall. Lunch will be served at 1pm and at 3:30pm we will move to Drumelzier church for a Service of Remembrance.  
The Guild meets on Wednesday 21st November at 2:30 in Broughton Village Hall. This month our speaker will be Rev Ann Purdie and you will be made very welcome in joining  us for the afternoon. Members please remember to bring along items for the Christmas Craft fair hamper.
The advent discussion group will be having its first meeting on Thursday 28th November at 7:30 in Skirliing Village Hall. This year we will be looking at Tom Wright's book Advent for Everyone, A journey with the Apostles. Copies of the book are available in each of the churches or by phoning John Burnett on 830303. We'll be discussing week 1 a time for thanksgiving  and welcome everyone interested to join us as we prepare for the Christmas season.
 Advance notice of Biggar Singers Christmas Concert on Saturday 1st December in St Mary's Hall, North Back Road at 7.30pm.   Tickets £10 at the door, which includes wine and nibbles after the concert.
Congratulations to the now Rev Dr Tony Foley who gained his PhD this week from Aberdeen University. Also a sad farewell to Tony as he leaves us today to start a 9 month familiarisation period in Peebles Old Parish Church. This is following on from his acceptance as a church of Scotland minister. Tony, we thank you for the tremendous work you have undertaken as our locum in the past 18+ months and wish you God's blessings on your future work.----
Rev Ann Purdie has been appointed our new locum as of 19th November and we are very grateful to her for agreeing to do this. Ann we hope you find your time as our locum both a joy and a blessing.
Polytunnel for Broughton Primary School

Clearing the Ground for the Broughton Primary School Polytunnel
On Tuesday 5th June a very small team of very small people ably assisted by Finlay Smith, Lynn Smith and Christine Parker made the first steps towards erecting a brand new polytunnel for Broughton Primary School. The Parishes of Upper Tweeddale have funded the purchase of this tunnel through last year's Harvest Supper and collections during Christmas services and other events.
Parish Profile
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Presbytery Visit from Young People of Malawi and Lebanon

Our Malawian guests singing at Earlston Church
On 26th August the visit of an inspiring group of young people from Malawi and Lebanon to the Presbytery came to a fitting end with a party/service at Innerleithen Church. The many activities (social and serious) of the visit were encapsulated in two hours of food and friendship.

Fiona Burnett, convenor of the World Commission Committee of the Presbytery, conducted an interview with the group during which they gently laid down a challenge to us to listen more to young people, to embrace change so that the church can become more attractive to the young and to have more interactive services.
Sundae Sunday

A Sundae Sunday sundae!
On Sunday 10th June about forty people from around the parishes gathered at Tweedsmuir Village Hall for a united Sundae Sunday service followed by ice cream and a wonderful range of sauces and toppings.

The focus of the service was on the plight of displaced people, a theme often repeated in the Bible (the reading was the story of Ruth) and sadly far too relevant today. According to UNHCR the world "is witnessing the highest levels of displacement on record" with over 65 million people having been forced from their homes, over 22 million of whom are refugees, over half of whom are under 18 years old.
  Broughton Kirk at 10am
Tweedsmuir Kirk at 10am
Skirling Kirk at 11.30am
Stobo Kirk at 11.30am
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Guild Meeting
Wednesday  21 November 2018
Weekly Listening Hour
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Laurel Bank

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Guild Meeting
Wednesday 21 November 2018