Parishes of Upper Tweed
3 congregations working as one
Sunday Service - 1st August
Welcome to our service for Sunday 1st August. Today's service is largely a live recording from a service held in Skirling Church on 25th July and is led by Linda Hill. With singing still done behind masks, in all hymns except 'Just As I Am' we have again supplemented it with prerecorded music.
The reading this week is John ch. 6 v. 1-21.
All previous services are still available through  the Weekly Services page.
We would like to involve the community as much as possible in these services so if you have any suggestions or feedback, or would like to participate in or offer pictures for future services please e-mail
Music in the Sunday Service (1st August)
The full versions of four of the pieces of music included in the Sunday Service for the 25th July are available through YouTube. They are listed here. Click on the titles to listen to them on YouTube.
You can also buy piece 1 on Apple iTunes and pieces 3 and 5 on Amazon.
    by Choir of Jesus College Cambridge - director: Richard Pinel
    from the album Praise My Soul: Favourite Hymns from Jesus College Cambridge
2. Just As I Am
    recorded live in Skirling Church
    Hit Collective
    from the album: Celtic Songs of Praise
    by Karen R. Nussbaum, soprano
    Brenna Boncosky, alto
    Bob Trautvetter, bass
    Dr. Phillip Kloeckner, Chicago Temple Organist
    Erik Nussbaum, Director of Music and the Arts
    from First United Methodist Church at Chicago Temple
    by Derek Fiechter and Brandon Fiechter
    from the album Celtic Hymn Collection

Stitches for Survival
Stitches for Survival
If you knit, sew, stitch or craft will you help create a banner of climate messages to influence negotiators at COP26?
Use any green or blue fabric or thread. Make pieces 60 cm (24 ins) by 100 cm (40 ins). Make as many pieces as you wish.
1.5 miles long this will represent the 1.5°C target in the Paris agreement. After COP26 the banner will be repurposed to make blankets for refugee communities.
The contributions can be as simple or as artistic as can be 30 September closing date.
Expressions of interest to or

Looking for a New Minister
West Tweddale Parish Profile
We are excited to be seeking a new minister for our six churches.
The process is underway, and we are asking God for guidance to choose the right person.
Candidates will usually come across the vacancy through the Vacant Charges page on the Church of Scotland website. This will lead them to our Parish Profile, which is available here. The Parish Profile sets out the characteristics of our churches, points to where we want to go together and details the many qualities we would find desirable in our new minister.
General Vacancy info, including a description of the process, the details of the nominating committee and some progress updates is available on the Carlops church website here.

Joint Communion Service
On Sunday 22nd August at 3.00 PM there will be an open air joint communion service for all six churches in our new linking. This will be held in the grounds of the old Newlands Church which is just along the road from the current Newlands Church. The service will probably be led by Rev. Calum MacDougall (our current Interim Moderator) and Rev. Nancy Norman (currently Locum Minister for St. Andrews, West Linton, Carlops and Kirkurd and Newlands. Everyone is welcome.
Upper Tweed Community Drivers
Upper Tweed Community Drivers
The Upper Tweed Community Drivers scheme has been relaunched. This is a hugely useful scheme provided by the communities of Broughton, Tweedsmuir, Skirling and Stobo. It organises subsidised transport to patients attending healthcare appointments, the transport being provided by volunteer drivers.
The scheme is available to any resident of Upper Tweeddale. Patients using the service are asked to make a donation which varies according to the length of the journey.
Volunteer drivers are needed for the scheme and becoming a volunteer driver is a great way to contribute to the Upper Tweed community without commitment.
To book a driver or to find out more contact the co-ordinator Ann Welsh by phoning 07707 998 044 or by e-mail: Please feel free to download and display this poster.

Carlops, Newlands and Kirkurd, and West Linton Church Newsletters
With the three churches in Upper Tweeddale (Skirling, Broughton and Tweedsmuir), now linked with the three churches in the West Linton group (St. Andrews West Linton, Carlops, and Kirkurd and Newlands) we are publishing the latest editions of the Carlops Church newsletter, the Newlands and Kirkurd newsletter and the West Linton newsletter here and churches in the West Linton area are making our own Kirk Matters available to their community.
Their newsletters are published monthly and the previous copies are accessible via the Carlops newsletter page on the Carlops Church web site, the Newlands and Kirkurd news page on the Newlands and Kirkurd web site, or the West Linton news page on the St. Andrews West Linton Church web site.
News and newsletter pages for each church are also accessible through a panel to the right of the Kirk Matters page and also to the right of the News page.

News from Stobo Kirk
Eddleston Voices
Our old friends at Stobo Kirk have a new News section within the site for their new linking with  Peebles Old and Eddleston, so you can find out the latest news from Stobo and Drumelzier and what's coming up by going to their news web page.
Along with their new colleagues in the other two churches they are currently organising a music and flower festival for April 2022. This will be in memory of Lorraine Mulholland who had been instrumental in the planning for the original festival which was scheduled for April 2020 but had to be cancelled because of the Covid-19 epidemic.
Personal Memories of the Parishes of Upper Tweed

Images from the Minister's Walk - 2016
by Jane Gilham, Session Clerk of Stobo Kirk
Personal Memories of the Parishes of Upper Tweed
Fellowship, Friendship, Fun and Food
On 4th June 2016, a group of around 20 or so members of the congregations of Parishes of Upper Tweeddale and their families and friends gathered at Tweedsmuir Kirk at the start of a 23 mile walk through the four parishes. The walk which had been organised to celebrate the retirement of Bob Milne, our minister, proved to be a celebration of our fellowship as a church community, as we enjoyed each other’s company and the wonderful hospitality our congregations have always offered, but it was also an appreciation of our churches and their places within the landscape.
Each church and church community has its very own character. Over the years I (and I am sure many others in our congregations) have come to appreciate and to love each one. Each church evokes different memories and now that the Parish of Stobo and Drumelzier is leaving the Parishes of Upper Tweeddale to join a new linking with Eddleston and Peebles Old, it seems like a good time to remember each parish as I recall our route from Tweedsmuir to Skirling in June 2016.
First Stop – Tweedsmuir Kirk. Bacon sandwiches in the village hall to set us up for the day.
Tweedsmuir Kirk holds the Church picnic in June each year. In the past, I recall that this was often held in the old school. This has now become the ‘café style’ service, which is remarkable for its ice cream with an amazing array of toppings. The Christmas Eve candlelit service in Tweedsmuir Kirk is a perfect start to the Christmas celebrations. When attending Sunday worship as a member of the worship workshop, I remember a very young Robert Parker, taking the offering. After the service coffee was always an opportunity to chat, I recall enjoying this so much that I would sometimes forget that I had to leave time to make the journey to Stobo.
Second Stop – Drumelzier Kirk. Lunch break in the Village Hall.
When I have managed to get to a service at Drumelzier Kirk before anyone else, I have always been struck by the complete silence in the building. The church is lovingly cared for by Julian and Rosalind Birchall, who in addition to doing regular cleaning and checking of the building, also prepare the church for the services. The annual lambing service has usually involved the inclusion of real or (cuddly) toy lambs. Another Christmas highlight in Parishes of Upper Tweed is the Candlelit service in Drumelzier Kirk.
Donate to the Church
With limited numbers in the two of our churches that are currently open, we are facing a growing challenge to fund our services, pastoral care and support, and the maintenance of our buildings and facilities.
The Church of Scotland has a web page which allows you to contribute specifically to the local funds required for this work. If you would like to help out please go to the Donate to the Church page, click on Donate to a Congregation, type in the name of the congregation and proceed from there.
If you buy from Amazon then another way of donating is through Amazon Smile. Skirling and Broughton are now registered with Amazon Smile so if you click on one of the links below and place an order then a commission will go to our churches.

  Broughton Kirk at 10am
Tweedsmuir Kirk at 10am
Skirling Kirk at 11.30am

Coming Soon...
Joint Communion Service
Sunday  22 August 2021


Coming Soon...
Joint Communion Service
Sunday 22 August 2021