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Sundae Sunday

Sundae Sunday - Digby Welch reads the story of Ruth
On Sunday 10th June about forty people from around the parishes gathered at Tweedsmuir Village Hall for a united Sundae Sunday service followed by ice cream and a wonderful range of sauces and toppings.

The focus of the service was on the plight of displaced people, a theme often repeated in the Bible (the reading was the story of Ruth) and sadly far too relevant today. According to UNHCR the world "is witnessing the highest levels of displacement on record" with over 65 million people having been forced from their homes, over 22 million of whom are refugees, over half of whom are under 18 years old.
Parish Profile
STOP PRESS! We're now looking for a new Minister. For more information and our parish profile click More
Polytunnel for Broughton Primary School

Clearing the ground for the polytunnel at Broughton Primary School
On Tuesday 5th June a very small team of very small people ably assisted by Finlay Smith, Lynn Smith and Christine Parker made the first steps towards erecting a brand new polytunnel for Broughton Primary School. The Parishes of Upper Tweeddale have funded the purchase of this tunnel through last year's Harvest Supper and collections during Christmas services and other events.
Service of Celebration for 50 Years of Women in Ministry
Rev Rola Sleiman, Rev Rachel Dobie, Rev Nancy Norman, Very Rev Dr Sheilagh Kesting, Mrs Jane Gillham
To celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the ordination of women as Ministers in the Church of Scotland Sunday 27th May saw a special and inspiring service in Drumelzier Church. The service was lead by the Very Rev  Dr Sheilagh Kestings, one of just four women to have held the post of Moderator of the General Assembly. She is also connected with Drumelzier Church in that her grand-father was a previous Minister of Drumelzier.
Church notices for Sunday 17th June 2018
The sacrament of Holy Communion will be celebrated in Tweedsmuir and Stobo Churches on Sunday 24th June. Both services at the normal times
The Sundae Sunday last week seems to have been a success and marked the end of the Christian Aid 'week' or in our case Month. A total of  1370.55 was sent from the Parishes and thank you to all who contributed to this total which included the Car boot sale, Sundae Sunday and envelope donations.
The Presbytery are having their June meeting in Broughton Church on Tuesday 26th June starting at 7pm. Once a year they visit one of he churches in the Presbytery and this is the turn of Broughton. Presbytery meetings are always open to anyone interested but this is a special invitation to one being held in our parishes. We're also being cited to attend as per the edict read out today.
Skirling Green Car Boot Sale for Christian Aid 2018

Tweedsmuir Kirk Cushion Re-upholstered
Tweedsmuir Kirk's New Pulpit Cushion
The cushion in Tweedsmuir Kirk's has recently been re-upholstered and is now back in place in the pulpit awaiting the installation of a new Minister.

The cushion used to be very threadbare, was lumpy and torn with horse hair protruding. Maura Glatt, a member of the congregation, took on the challenge and skilfully reupholstered the  cushion in it's new plush cover, chosen to match the pulpit surround.
Lambing Service

Lambing Service - our two newest parishioners
The annual lambing service was held on Sunday 13th May at Broughton Kirk. Tony Foley lead the service highlighting the difficulties that farmers in Upper Tweeddale have been facing this year with the particularly severe late Winter weather. And he emphasized our appreciation for the amazing hard work that our farmers and shepherds put in with so little reward, and also the blessings that we all share of living and working in such a beautiful part of the world.
  Broughton Kirk at 10am
Tweedsmuir Kirk at 10am
Skirling Kirk at 11.30am
Stobo Kirk at 11.30am
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Harvest Supper
Saturday  22 September 2018
Weekly Listening Hour
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Laurel Bank

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Harvest Supper
Saturday 22 September 2018